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The EnergyMizer

Power Conditioning = Cleaner Energy
   Creates a safer environment

Filters Electro Magnetic Fields
   Helps protect your family from EMF

Proven Capacitor Technology
   Technology used for decades

Longer Appliance Life
   Increases life span of all appliances

Reduction in Demand
   Leads to electricity savings

By filling out the rate checker and seeing if you "qualify" for a better rate on your business electricity bill you will be eligible to win an EnergyMizer for your home or current residence!!


America Approved Commercial, LLC, dba America Approved Energy Services (AAC) was established in early 2009 to give commercial (small, medium and large businesses), industrial and governmental entities access to a variety of energy services that cater to their specific needs. Our competitive portfolio of energy & gas solutions allows us to work with all businesses in every deregulated market throughout the United States. See map below.

AAC is one of the largest licensed, most experienced and trusted energy consulting firms in the nation. We have positioned ourselves in the energy industry to successfully assist customers in aligning themselves with the appropriated supplier of Electricity and Gas to meet their individual business needs. Every business has cost savings initiatives and can benefit by controlling their energy costs. AAC is helping commercial companies like you save money today!!

Deregulation is an opportunity for you to shop for the best energy supplier and rates,
and AAC has alliances with every major energy supplier in the country to better serve you!

"By locking down my electricity bill for the 36 months with America Approved Energy Services, as a business owner I was able to take advantage of today's low rates and ensure that I now have budget certainty and price protection for the next three years!" - Steve P, NY

"With electricity prices on the rise and the volatility of the energy market, my America Approved Energy Services consultant was able to place me and secure me with the lowest rate with the supplier that best fit my needs for my business and at the same time assuring me of price protection and budget certainty." - Andy W, NJ

Commercial Deregulated Gas and Electric States We Serve:
Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Illinois Maine Maryland Massachusetts
New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio
Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas Virginia
Washington DC

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